Treatment Resistance

When Other Treatments Have Failed

At Satori Health and Wellness, we strive for real, lasting solutions. We want to provide our patients and community with an understanding of our available treatments using Ketamine. Ketamine is widely used to treat depression, suicidality, chronic pain, PTSD, trauma and numerous other disorders. This is a breakthrough treatment that can offer relief to those suffering from mental health challenges. When used under a doctor’s supervision and in the correct dosage, Ketamine can be highly effective for some. Our clinic provides a reliable, safe environment for you to begin the process of healing.

Psychiatrists and psychologists both realized the benefits of Ketamine because of its ability to produce glutamate in the brain and stimulate new neural connections. Studies and increasing evidence have continued to show the positive effects of Ketamine on improving all types of disorders and mental health problems. Historically, the first mental disorder that was noticeably improved using Ketamine was Depression. Some patients showed a significant decrease in their symptoms within twenty four hours of treatment. From this point on, Ketamine was widely accepted as a safe and effective way to treat patients.

With other medications, the feelings of relief only last as long as the medication is in your system. This can take up to six weeks or longer to take effect. When the medication wears off, you return to your original state of depression and anxiety. Ketamine is different. It triggers a reaction in your cortex that allows your brain to form new connections. Therefore, Ketamine does not have to be in your system continuously in order to work.

Treatment Resistance

Many of our patients suffer from what is known as Treatment Resistance. This basically means that no matter what medication or therapy they have tried in the past, their mental health has not improved in any way. Ketamine may help these individuals.The effectiveness for each person is different. It is more successful when paired with psychotherapy.

Ketamine and The Brain

Antidepressants work by targeting neurotransmitters in the brain. These include serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Ketamine works differently because it targets glutamate, the brain’s chemical messenger. Glutamate is what controls the brain’s ability to process cognitive thoughts and emotions. This directly affects how a person learns, forms memories, and responds to their experiences. When you have control over these elements, serious healing can take place.

Ketamine Works in Three Steps

Step One: Rapid Effects

Ketamine is able to activate the brain’s opiate receptors which directly affect the symptoms of depression. When this happens, our patients report feeling relaxed and free form pain.

Step Two: Sustained Effects

Once Ketamine is in your system, glutamate receptors are increased. Levels of glutamate are restored to normal levels. When this occurs, patients feel relaxed and at peace with their thoughts and emotions.

Step Three: Return to Baseline

The brain reacts to Ketamine and new neural receptors are created. This is where patients with depression and suicidal thoughts benefit from relief of their symptoms. Ketamine also reduces inflammation during this step.

Ketamine balances the effects of stress and structural changes in the brain. By doing so, patients can begin to heal and have control over their behavior, mood, personal development, and how they react to memories. This is something other medications simply cannot offer. Even more beneficial is the fact that Ketamine has little to no side effects when compared with other medications that aim to treat the same issues.

Ketamine may offer you control over your emotions and how you react to past and present situations. Treatment can steer you away from negative thoughts, feelings, anxiety, and depression. The best plan for you is determined by your doctor. We know each person is unique and different. Your experience, memories and traumas are all unique to you. We take the time to get to know you as a person because our goal is to help you heal. We believe in helping you reach for the quality of life you deserve despite what you have gone through in the past. Ketamine, combined with therapy can be effective for you. If you have tried other types of medications with no success, it is because they are a temporary fix. If you are ready to explore your unconscious and access what has made you the person you are today, it is time to try Ketamine Therapy. In order to benefit from the long term effects of Ketamine, we highly suggest you come in for continued treatments and psychotherapy. These together create lasting solutions that allow you to heal and recover in a healthy way.

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